Harleys bring native home

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 19, 2006

Natchez &8212;Robert Myers loves Harleys and his hometown.

A former employee at International Paper in Natchez, Myers came back home for the bike rally this weekend with several of his long-time Natchez friends.

They were forced to leave Natchez when the paper mill closed approximately three years ago, finding new jobs at the Riegelwood Mill in North Carolina.

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Myers found out about the rally on the Internet.

&8220;I couldn&8217;t wait to tell all of my &8216;buddies&8217; about the event,&8221; Myers said.

&8220;When you move 1,000 miles away, you realize where home really is,&8221; Myers said.

&8220;My friends and I have been planning this trip for over four months.&8221;

The bike rally offered the perfect opportunity for the group to visit old friends.

Myers said he had seen many people he hadn&8217;t talked to in years.

&8220;The best part (of the rally) was meeting the people,&8221; Myers said. &8220;We come home a lot, but we are always separate.

&8220;The rally was a great way to come home together.&8221;

Myers even brought a few of his friends from North Carolina along.

Wayne Austin, a North Carolina resident who works with Myers, came along to see more of the South.

Austin said he was especially impressed with Natchez and its &8220;good hospitality.&8221;

&8220;We will definitely come back if given the opportunity,&8221; Austin said.

Myers hopes to return to Natchez for the rally next year, bringing even more people with him. Myers said he expects to come back to Natchez for good when he retires in the near future.

&8220;Natchez is my home.

There&8217;s nothing like home,&8221; Myers said.