Parents, children shop for uniforms

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 19, 2006

Going back to school in the Miss-Lou means stocking-up on uniforms, getting just the right fit and thinking about the days to come.

Hailey Mott has reserved feelings about beginning pre-kindergarten this year. She remembers a previous teacher as being mean and screaming a lot. However, she said this year&8217;s teacher seems really nice. Her sister, Ashley Mott, also has reservations, and said she plans on running away to the woods when school begins.

Their mother, Tina Mott, is going to miss her girls, but is not disappointed about getting a little more free time. The first thing she plans to do is clean the house.

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&8220;I&8217;ll really miss them,&8221; Tina Mott said. &8220;But they are getting so bored they are ready to go back.&8221;

Shannah Maxwell and her husband, Charles, recently moved to Natchez from Ohio. Their three children, Carlie, Abbie and Charles, will all be the new kids in school and each are going to a separate school. With one each at Morgantown, Frazier and McLaurin, the Maxwell children will be in separate schools for the first time.

Charles Maxwell is scared to start at a new school and misses all of his old friends.

Carlie and Abbie Maxwell are more excited about the prospect of beginning a new school than their brother. They both can&8217;t wait to meet new friends.

All three of them feel a little robbed, though. Had they stayed in Ohio, school would not have started back until Aug. 28. They were just dismissed from last year&8217;s session June 7.

Their mother, Shannah, said the uniform policies here are much more strict than she is accustomed to. Before, the children were not required to wear belts and had a wider variety of colors to wear.