Mayor fires officer

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ferriday &8212; Mayor Gene Allen fired a Ferriday Police Department patrolman on Wednesday because he had received too many complaints about the officer from citizens.

Allen fired officer Brantley Sullivan after his 90-day suspension period had ended, the mayor said.

&8220;When you start getting six or seven complaints a day, it&8217;s time to do something about it,&8221; Allen said.

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Allen said he received several calls from people complaining that Sullivan harassed them.

Sullivan said before he was fired he issued more tickets than any other officer on the force.

&8220;Just last week Mayor Allen commended me for doing such a good job and that he was proud

of me,&8221; Sullivan said.

Sullivan also said he issued a ticket to the mayor&8217;s wife, Bonnie Allen, for running a stop sign over the weekend.

Ten minutes after he issued the ticket, Sullivan said he received a call from Lt. Ricky Hollins, telling Sullivan to return to the station and turn in his tickets.

&8220;He told me not to issue any more tickets for the day, and on Monday my patrol car was taken away,&8221; Sullivan said.

Hollins would not release any phone records of any possible conversation Thursday, saying Chief Richard Madison must approve it.

Madison could not be reached for approval.

&8220;I&8217;m the Lieutenant of the Ferriday Police Department and it&8217;s my job to take every ticket the officers issue,&8221; Hollins said.

Allen said he did not fire Sullivan because the officer issued a ticket.

&8220;I would never fire someone over issuing a ticket to anyone in my family,&8221; Allen said.

&8220;He gave my son a ticket once and I didn&8217;t fire him then.&8221;

Earlier that day Madison said he thought Sullivan was doing a good job with the department.

&8220;I made no recommendation to fire him and I don&8217;t have the power to do so,&8221; Madison said.

&8220;The mayor made the decision and I&8217;m sorry to see him go.&8221;