Rentech begins new phase of planning

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 19, 2006

NATCHEZ &8212; Rentech, Inc., the coal-to-liquid company looking at Adams County, is starting the feasibility phase of the Natchez site, Project Manager Joe Regnery said after Friday&8217;s energy summit.

Concept engineers are exploring the factors that go into calculating a cost estimate for the potential plant.

They will make sure the technology is feasible and the location is right, Regnery said.

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&8220;It will probably be a 12-month process,&8221; he said.

They are also looking at different resources, or &8220;feedstock,&8221; they might use at the plant. The type of feedstock determines the type of machinery that will be used, and that, in turn, determines how the plant is built, Regnery said.

The company is looking at different kinds of coal found throughout the Midwest. They are also looking at different kinds of coke.

Regnery also said they are trying to get a sample of Mississippi lignite, a carbon substance like a poorer quality coal. If lignite turns out to be a viable option, it may be one of the resources they consider using, he said.

&8220;We would be helping the industries here in Mississippi,&8221; he said.

Rentech was one of the companies represented at the energy summit in Jackson, and Regnery said he thought they were a part of alternative energy adoption.

&8220;We&8217;re one of the forefront members in the solid hydrocarbon-to-liquid field,&8221; he said.

Rentech representatives also visited Natchez Friday evening to tour and talk with city and county officials.