Retiree film will expose our secrets

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 19, 2006

For Baby Boomers, the largest generation of Americans in existence, the word &8220;retiree&8221; is enough to make them cringe.

They hate the idea of growing older, or more precisely the labels associated with age. Refer to them as &8220;seniors&8221; or as &8220;mature&8221; and they may challenge you to a fight &8212; and for good reason.

Often those words conjure up images of older people sitting in rocking chairs, wrapped in blankets, knitting away their last waning years.

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If this Hollywood stereotype comes to mind when you drive into the Natchez city limits and see the sign touting the city&8217;s designation as a certified retirement community, boy have you been fooled.

Retirees to Natchez rarely sit idly by, watching the grass grow.

Most of the retirees who have relocated here have become huge assets to the community through their activity and involvement.

Just because a person has retired, it does not mean he or she has nothing else to offer the community.

In the Miss-Lou, retirees contribute significantly to the economy and the quality of life through volunteer efforts with the tourism industry and all sorts of non-profit endeavors.

Earlier this month, a film crew was in town preparing a TV commercial touting Mississippi as a great place in which to retire. As soon as it airs, our secret will be out; our &8220;cover&8221; will be blown.

And we hope to welcome the newest, contributing members of our community with open arms. Just call them &8220;seniors.&8221;