Leaders need to disclose plans for land

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Enough is enough.

Our city leaders have been publicly talking about a mystery riverfront development deal since early October.

But they aren&8217;t saying anything.

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We&8217;ve heard casino &8212; an idea that sparks an opinion from most residents.

And outside research of one development company under consideration points to real estate and condominiums.

But aldermen, the mayor and the city attorney have refused to disclose any plans, hopes or dreams for Roth Hill land &8212; one of the city&8217;s last remaining bits of prime public river real estate.

Now the board seems to have narrowed the options down to two, both Atlanta-based companies.

Aldermen said at a Monday work session that they&8217;ve eliminated one proposal, an idea the citizens never even heard.

Original talks of the development at the foot of Roth Hill sparked a walkout by two aldermen in October that is still yet to be fully explained.

It seems as if the process is going to go ahead without sharing the proposals with the public, much less hearing public opinions.

Aldermen must discuss the plans publicly before taking a vote on the issue.

It is, after all, our land.

Taxpayers elect aldermen to represent them, not to replace them.