Local buyers drive our community

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ben Franklin never made it Natchez, Miss., but the wise Founding Father would certainly feel at home in our community, especially parts of downtown Natchez.

We can see the rotund Franklin now, strolling down the streets marveling at the amazing goods for sale in the electrically charged downtown shops.

Franklin likely would have reveled in the technological advances that fill our lives today.

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He&8217;d have, no doubt, been fascinated with a downtown photography gallery &8212; the first photographic images were captured a few decades after his death.

We can only imagine his reaction to coffee shops and restaurants, jewelry stores and linen shops.

But most of all, we expect, Franklin would be most impressed at the people shopping in those shops, supporting downtown merchants.

Internet shopping would seem a modern marvel to Franklin, but it would also go against one of his most famous sayings: A penny saved is twopence clear. (In modern speak, that&8217;s a penny saved is a penny earned).

Franklin would certainly have felt a civic responsibility to shop locally, especially during the holidays and especially given the impact of those sales tax dollars on the community.

Essentially, his logic is especially important today. Buying things locally is important.

It&8217;s important to your friends and neighbors and it&8217;s important to you and it&8217;s important to your community.