Middleton Dance to present show

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Middleton School of Dance, under the direction of Ann Gaude, will present its first annual production of “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” on Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. at the Natchez City Auditorium.

The community is invited to attend and “enjoy an evening of holiday magic as Santa, along with a cast of snowflakes, fairies, candy canes, peppermints, mechanical dolls and many other characters come to life in this Christmas ballet,” Gaude said. “There will be surprises and warm wishes for all.”

Tickets, $10 each for adults and $5 each for children, will be available at the door the night of the performance.

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Participants in the performance are:

Children of Christmas Eve: Joanna David, Rebecca Seale, Ginnie Scarborough, Betsy Mullins.

Little Girls: Allie Stewart, Lindsey Funderburg.

Christmas Toys: Raggedy Ann, Kyler Parks; Arabian Doll, Katie Nix; Horse, Sarah Godbold; Flamingo, Tori Bradford; Cat, Julie Rachel Kuehnle; Puppy Dog, Lansing Brakenridge; Clown, Callie Burkett; Ballerina Princess, Sieara Neal.

Mice: Alexis Brown, Anna Claire Babbs, Hope Johnson, Maecee Thornton, Bailey Yates, Sami Vines, Caylee Couie, LeeAnn Fuqua, Bailey Thompson, Sydney Lawrence.

Snow Queen: Madeline Jeansonne

Snow Princesses: Grace Anne White, Ashley Haimson, Ada Morgan, Kayla Wisner

Snowflakes: Allie Wilson, Emily Cothren, Anne Elise Rinehart, Jessye McBride, Megan Anderson, Joanna David, Kaitlyn Mayfield, Betsy Mullins, Rebecca Brown, Ginnie Scarborough

Santa’s Elves: Catherine McCalip, Anna Roboski, Sela Roberts, Rachel Benoit, Kate Lynn Falkenheiner, Laura Perilloux, Caroline Downer, Amelia Conn

Santa’s Bells: Emily Stewart, Baylee Rose Graning, Henley Garrett, Taylor Lessley, Mallory Dickey, Madison Delaney, Maggie Ulmer, Christi Harrison, Sydney Cauthen, Stephanie Sims

Dream Fairies: Hilary Saunders, Emily Rasco, Abagail Hand, Carmen Serio, Ashley Haimson, Grace Anne White, Kayla Wisner, Shelbi McManus, MacKenzie Thomas, Kaitlan Dillon, Ada Morgan, Kathryn Strong

Sugarplums: Abby Dillard, Marty Ellard, Lara Biglane, Brooks Turner, Kathleen McAndrews, Catherine Schmitz, Heather France, Ginny Daggett, Betsy Daggett, Anna Bet Roberts, Lucy Coleman, Hannah Gordon, Julia Bray, Erica McDaniels, Megan Olivero, Madison Farmer, Abagail McCary

Candycane: Rebecca Seale

Peppermints: Kate Nix, Kyler Parks, Tori Bradford, Sarah Godbold, Julia Rachel Kuehnle, Lansing Brakenridge, Sieara Neal, Callie Burkett, Heather Weeks, Hannah Vines, Kaitlyn Nawadny, Alexis Roberts, Ashleigh Williams, Amber Smith, Pressley Davis, Grace Caroline Criswell

Rudolph: Joanna David

Reindeer: Emily Cothren, Allie Wilson, Anne Elise Rinehart, Jessye McBride, Megan Anderson, Kaitlyn Mayfield, Madeline Jeansonne, Rebecca Brown

Toy Soldiers: Megan Olivero, Catherine Schmitz, Anna Bet Roberts, Brooks Turner, Madison Farmer, Kathleen McAndrews

Mechanical Dolls: Abby Dillard, Lara Biglane, Ginny Daggett, Marty Ellard

Spanish Dancer: Betsy Mullins

Christmas Fairy: Ginnie Scarborough

Santa: David Gaude