Riverland decides to close delivery unit

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 29, 2006

FERRIDAY &8212; Riverland Medical Center&8217;s labor and delivery unit will not reopen.

A unanimous vote, Tuesday evening, from the RMC Board of Directors, decided the unit&8217;s fate.

Hospital Administrator Vernon Stevens said though no one on the board wanted to see the unit closed it was inevitable.

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Stevens said the reason the board decided not to reopen the obstetrics unit was a matter of staffing, not money.

&8220;What people have to realize is that in the United States, and in Louisiana in particular, there is a nursing shortage,&8221; Stevens said.

Stevens said the board closed the unit in June because only one full-time nurse said she was willing to work there.

&8220;The unit would need at least six full-time nurses to run efficiently,&8221; Stevens said.

Board member Larry Chauvin said though people might not like the fact the unit closed it did do some good.

&8220;Even before the unit was closed patients were referred to Natchez Regional, plus all of the nurses went there too and they (Natchez Regional Medical Center) needed them badly,&8221; Chauvin said.

In other business:

4 The board approved a motion to cancel December&8217;s monthly board meeting and hold an executive board meeting sometime during the first week in December.

4 The board approved a motion to replace the hospital&8217;s endoscopy equipment and purchase new surgery lights.

4 The group discussed the possibility of a lease purchase of a new chemistry analyzer for the laboratory.

4 The board approved a motion to appoint two new doctors to the medical staff.