Malls important to area, too

Published 10:34 am Thursday, November 30, 2006

While I appreciate the fact that we have a great downtown, we need to be careful not to make disparaging remarks about the “cookie cutter stores” in the mall. I don’t know any figures but I’m sure the Natchez Mall pays taxes and I know that they employ a lot of people. Also, Belk is instrumental in assisting local charities.

I do understand, however, that we all need to shop locally whether if it is for Christmas, a new car, appliances, etc.

We need the sales tax dollars generated all year round in order to give our elected officials raises, to put lots of new employees on the payroll, to provide trips for our elected officials and to provide a forum in which our elected officials can meet in secret to develop the riverfront.

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Can anyone tell I am a disgruntled taxpayer?