Post office visit shows love of others

Published 10:38 am Thursday, November 30, 2006

On Tuesday, Nov. 14, I was at the post office in Washington mailing two packages to our son, Staff Sgt. Jimmy T. “Jay” Britt, in Iraq.

This is his fourth deployment, his second to Iraq since 2004. There were three other people in the post office with me, a man and two ladies. I did not know any of them; but I met Sherry, the lady who works there, the day before when I had mailed the first package to Jay.

We were talking and she laughingly told the people in there she learned Monday that we used Charmin Ultra to pack the boxes. The Army does not furnish the best grade of anything to our troops. We have learned over the years how to utilize all the space we can plus send the essentials.

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I had to insure this package as it contained an Xbox and I jokingly said, “He is going to put us in the poor house this time.” One lady, who I later learned works at Adams County Water Association, walked over to me and held out her hand with money folded in it and said, “This is all the money I brought in with me; please take it to help with the postage.”

Of course, I tried to refuse, but she was insistent saying she wanted to help but did not know how and to please let her do something. I took the money and of course thanked her with tears in my eyes.

The other two people were telling me to tell our son when I talked to him how proud they were of him and to thank him for what he is doing. I don’t know who these people were but they know. I thanked them then and say again, thank you.

This touched my heart that these strangers were so kind and caring for our son. I told him the story when he called this weekend and he sent his thanks also.

But, the story does not end there. Later, this lady, Susan from the water association called me and asked me for Jay’s address and a list of the things he needed or wanted. She had related to her co-workers the incident in the post office, and they wanted to send a box to Jay for Christmas.

How heartwarming all of this has been. I have told this story to everyone because it has changed me. It has shown me that people, strangers, do care and want to do something for our troops.

This has been a Thanksgiving week I will never forget, as I have been so blessed by this show of love for our son.

A special thanks to all of you who were in the post office that Tuesday. My husband, LJ, and I will never forget your kindness and the kindness of others. May God bless each of you and may God bless our troops and our son Jay.

Thank you. And Happy Thanksgiving to all.