All-Metro Football Team

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Staff Reports

Natchez Democrat 2006 All-Metro Football Team

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Player of the Year &8212; Stevan Ridley, Trinity Episcopal.

Co-Coaches of the Year &8212; Grady McCluskey, Franklin County; David King, Trinity Episcopal.

First Team Offense

Quarterback &8212; Patrick McDonough, Cathedral.

Running Backs &8212; Demack Bates, Vidalia; Preston Griffith, Franklin County.

Wide Receivers &8212; Edward Johnson, Natchez High; Daniel Jenkins, Cathedral

Offensive Linemen &8212; Harry Singh, Trinity Episcopal; Taylor Hinson, Trinity Episcopal; Courtnai Hill, Ferriday; Chris Carroll, Huntington; Adam Dollar, ACCS.

Kicker &8212; Dre&8217;Carl Walker, Ferriday.

Athlete &8212; Matthew Smith, Ferriday.

First Team Defense

Defensive Linemen &8212; Jeremy Washington, Vidalia; Keathon Ransom, Natchez High; AlJoshua Tillman, Franklin County; Bo Tillman, Franklin County; Langdon Morrison, Trinity Episcopal.

Linebackers &8212; Rusty Knighton, Centreville Academy; Trey Barnes, Vidalia; Gary Rogers, Franklin County; Beau Doughty, Vidalia.

Defensive Backs &8212; Sean Venezia, WCCA; Jeremy Hargrave, Natchez High; Jordan Brewer, Vidalia; Zach Brown, Huntington.

Punter &8212; Zach Jones, Tensas Academy.

Second Team Offense

Quarterback &8212; Jason Bruce, Natchez High.

Running Backs &8212; Ricky Dunbar, Huntington; Jody Cottongin, Huntington; Montario Tennessee, Ferriday.

Wide Receivers &8212; Forrest White, Cathedral; Dominique McKeel, Ferriday; Clint Easom, Trinity Episcopal.

Tight End &8212; Eric Perry, ACCS.

Offensive Linemen &8212; Broderick Morgan, Natchez High; John Dale Loomis, Vidalia; Andrew Williams, Franklin County; Jonathan Gamberi, Cathedral; John Carl Johnson, ACCS.

Second Team Defense

Defensive Linemen &8212; Woodrow Martin, Block; Ben Morris, Vidalia; Brandon Smith, Franklin County; Kyle Ketchings, Trinity Episcopal.

Linebackers &8212; Dude Harrell, Huntington; Jeremy Kelly, Ferriday; Jordan Hunt, Franklin County; Callon Green, Natchez High.

Defensive Backs &8212; JorDan Smith, Natchez High; Mike Hunt, Franklin County; Josh Lanehart, Centreville Academy; Brian Sanderson, ACCS.

Honorable Mention

Natchez High &8212; Latarus Fraizer, Running Back; Derrick McGee, Running Back; Andre Hayward, Running Back; Deshawn Griggs, Wide Receiver; Kendall Logan, Wide Receiver; Vantrell Johnson, Wide Receiver; Robert Day, Offensive Lineman; Johnny Griffin, Offensive Lineman; Lionel Brown, Offensive Lineman; Ricky Mcgruder, Offensive Lineman; Chad Smith, Defensive Lineman; Johnny Williams, Linebacker; Desmond Smoot, Cornerback; Terrence Herrington, Safety.

Cathedral &8212; Braxton Fondren, Wingback/Flanker; Taylor Brantley, Tailback; Jacob Cowart, Left Guard; Joe Abuhakmeh, Offensive Right Tackle.

ACCS &8212; Matthew Guedon, Running Back/Linebacker; Austin Williams, Running Back/Defensive Back; Duncan Guedon, Fullback; Tel Faulkner, Fullback/Defensive Tackle; Matthew Marks, Tight End; Slick Frank, Offensive Tackle; Lee Guedon, Linebacker; Nick Herring, Defensive End; Rowdy Rodgers, Defensive Back; Josh Calcote, Offensive Guard.

Trinity Episcopal &8212; Andrew Walker, Center; Wells Middleton, Linebacker; Blaine Misita, Defensive End; Patrick Blanchard, Defensive Tackle; Matthew Freeman, Fullback; Taylor Fleming, Offensive Tackle; Kolby Godfrey, Offensive Tackle; Parker Brumfield, Quarterback.

Ferriday &8212; Kendrick Harris, Quarterback; Jerrell Hayes, Offensive Lineman; Jeremy Kelly, Linebacker.

Franklin County &8212; Jamie Collins, Quarterback; Greg Hunt, Defensive Back; Alex Smith, Defensive Back; Cable McMinn, Offensive Lineman; Alvin Hunt, Offensive Lineman.

Jefferson County &8212; Percy Turner, Quarterback; Calvin Lewis, Linebacker/Defensive Back; Isman Gray, Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman; Jordan Shorter, Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman; Larry Banks, Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman.

Centreville Academy &8212; Nick Goudeau, Running Back.

WCCA &8212; Colin Dor/, Quarterback; Robbie Arnold, Defensive Tackle.

Tensas Academy &8212; Will Ratcliff, Running Back/Linebacker; Hunter Hale, Wide Receiver; Phillip Carpenter, Defensive Lineman.