Troopers, Forks good news for January

Published 6:00 am Monday, January 8, 2007

We’re a week deep into 2007 now. Some resolutions have been made and broken; others are still going strong.

Before we plow ahead into the new year, let’s review some good news from the first week of January.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol has added three new state troopers to southwest Mississippi roads. The law enforcement officers are filling open slots and helping out a short-staffed state crew.

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Thanks in advance to troopers Eddie Liggins, Kevin Oliver and Leo Clemons for their service to us in the coming months.

The Forks of the Road has a new marker — two signs announcing the site’s “Millennium Trail” status. The historic site received the title in 2000, but only recently received its signs. Bringing more attention to our historic sites will serve our community in the future by attracting tourists and locals alike.

The Vidalia rubber plant is getting closer by the day. Construction is scheduled to begin in February, bringing 35 jobs when it opens and 65 more in the future. City leaders closed the deal with the Louisiana Elastomer last year. The addition of the plant to the Vidalia industrial park will be a boost to Vidalia and beyond.

January has set a good pace for 2007 so far; let’s hope the year is filled with great news.