Five new officers join NPD

Published 6:00 am Friday, January 12, 2007

Five much-needed new officers have joined the Natchez Police Department.

Natchez PD has been operating a little short recently, and these officers will replace retired officers, Chief Mike Mullins said Thursday. Another officer will likely be hired later this month, he said.

“With these five officers and one we’re hiring this month, we will be up to our budget of 48 officers,” Mullins said.

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The five officers are Ernest Clemons, Felicia Flemmings, Adam Kirk, Hunter Parker and Nicky Johnson Pierce.

Three will begin attending the police academy Monday, a course which covers all aspects of law enforcement, from crime scene officer survival to public relations, Mullins said.

One officer is patrolling with a training officer, and one is patrolling independently, Mullins said.

All five are from Natchez, Mullins said, which is a boost to the force.

“We would rather have local folks — they know the area, the streets and the people,” he said.

“We’ve found it’s easier to train local people than with someone from out of the area, too.”

Locals also have more incentive to stay at NPD for a longer period of time, he said.

“Many officers we have hired have left, but we have better results with local people staying,” he said.

Kirk has previously worked for the Vidalia Police Department, Mullins said.