Community gets better block by block

Published 2:00 pm Sunday, February 25, 2007

Poised for greatness. Perhaps no other phrase better epitomizes the current state of our community.

Today, as we publish Profile 2007, our biggest single edition of the year, we pause to consider the theme of this year’s edition: Building Blocks: The ABCs of the Miss-Lou.

Although some of our Profile marketing efforts included images of children’s building blocks, the true “blocks” most important to our community are not child’s play.

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At the heart of the section — and our community’s continued prosperity and growth — are our people.

Nothing happens in the community without the involvement of our greatest asset, our people.

The fabric of our community is unique, complex and diverse. Those differences, however, help make the area attractive to others from tourists to retirees to industrial giants seeking new homes.

The Miss-Lou is on the move. Period. And we’re steadily moving one building block at a time.

Key to the future success of our community’s building efforts will be our ability to join hands and work together toward a common goal, a common mission.

Our community’s future is indeed bright and becoming brighter with each passing day, with each new “block” set into place by our collective hands.