United Way raises $325,000

Published 4:03 pm Sunday, February 25, 2007

Still two weeks away from the end of their fundraising season, this year’s local United Way campaign has achieved something big.

“This is the largest year we’ve ever had,” United Way Executive Director Kathy Stephens said.

At $325,000, they’ve even surpassed the year Hurricane Katrina hit, which prompted significant donations.

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“I think that people are seeing the impact in their community and seeing the projects we’ve done,” Stephens said. “We’re working on projects that impact the community long-term, and people are investing in their community.”

Not only were people generous with their dollars, but this was one of the highest years ever for volunteerism, she said.

Others donated supplies, like shelves, and they are always looking for people to donate professional services, she said.

And people who the United Way had helped get back on their feet, like those affected by Katrina, donated back.

Even with the record-setting campaign, they’re still $25,000 short of their goal of $350,000, Stephens said.

The campaign is set to close March 15, so there’s still some time left to donate.

“There’s such a need in the community,” Stephens said. “We’re focusing on children and their parents. We’re helping them get out of the hard situations they sometimes find themselves in, so people can help themselves.”

But even with the record donations, and even if they meet their goal, there are still needs to be filled, Stephens said.

“It seems like there is never enough money,” she said. “It always seems there’s someone you didn’t get to help.”

But with donations from Miss-Lou residents, she said, the organization can help those who need it most.