The Dart: New to Miss-Lou, Smith likes the area the Miss-Lou

Published 9:34 pm Monday, March 5, 2007

A new resident of the Miss-Lou, Damon Smith moved to the area from Jackson in November.

“I came down here for love,” he said.

“She was my first love, my high school sweetheart, and I always remembered her because she was so sweet. Once I saw her again, we reconnected.”

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Smith visited with his kids — Damon Jr., 5, and Kierra, 10 —while they went for a walk along the Vidalia Riverfront on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Damon Jr. let out some energy by walking backwards, running up and down the sidwewalk and chasing birds, while Kierra walked alongside her dad.

“We’ve just been walking around all day and decided to come down here,” he said.

Smith still works in Jackson, but is looking for employment a little closer to his new home.

“I need a job down here, especially with the gas prices being the way they are,” he said.

Though he moved from the big city to a smaller town, Smith said he is glad he made the move.

“I’m from Gloster, so I have family close to here. I’m enjoying it here. It’s very laidback and quiet.”