Ferriday speed traps hinder local business

Published 8:43 am Sunday, March 11, 2007

I have decided that I will take my business somewhere other than Ferriday.

Because of the speed trap the mayor has created, I feel the local businesses no longer need me to support them with my dollars.

Surely the mayor is sharing the ticket proceeds with them from all that their great police force is writing.

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They made a $100 off my wife a few weeks back. Home Hardware, City Drugs, Sonic, Tauntons, Rushings Boots, Budget Build, KFC, Ferriday Farm and others that I frequent may begin to notice that their profits are down.

I can only hope the their mayor will share his loot, because they are great businesses with great people.

But if I have to worry about getting ticketed every time I come into the Ferriday city limits then I simply won’t come into Ferriday anymore. My wife was ticketed for 48 in a 45-mile zone past the high school.

Of course she was told she was in a 35 zone when clocked. It’s funny she wasn’t stopped until she was close to the hospital!

But it’s their word against hers. So enjoy that $100 bill Mr. Mayor because it is all you will get.

My condolences to all Ferriday businesses.

Danny Tisdale

Monterey resident