Join Pilgrim Baptist for Easter drama

Published 9:43 pm Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yes, it’s that time again. The writers, producers and directors, along with pastor the Rev. Melvin White, officers and members of the Pilgrim Baptist Church Drama Share Ministry, are preparing for their third annual, drama of the first Easter stage play, “Passion Of The Cross.”

Of course, we believe, all are familiar, with the ever so popular, Biblical story, of Christ’s gruesome crucifixion. And this time of year, all over the country, a skit, play or some form of re-enactment of the crucifixion is being portrayed.

Which is why we are taking this method to invite each of you, the bond, the free, the black, the white, all denominations, drama ministries, churches and every living soul, to the Pilgrim B.C., Easter weekend. Part 1 will be at 6 p.m. Saturday and the finale will be 6 p.m. Easter Sunday.

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There is never a charge at Pilgrim B.C., so come and witness a performance on the life of Christ absolutely free!

The musical soundtrack, provided by, none other than our drama band, under the direction of coordinator Freddie Quinn of Jackson, and members Diartis Hudson of Vidalia, KeJuane Frey and Ephraim Calhoun of Natchez, adds intense effects to select scenes. Each track along with the multi-colored lighting and fog effects are used to enhance scenes. But the most “awe-ing” scene that literally sets the stage is that special touch that our very own stage designer, Ruby Lucas, displays during this “Passion” play.

If you’ve not witnessed her design of Golgotha Hill where Jesus will bear his cross, laced with the perfect portion of reflected lights, then words can’t express what beautiful sight she presents to behold.

This drama entails new footage, new scenes and music, in addition to the previous scenes. The extra footage offers this drama a “new” performance, if you will. Featured in this drama will be Willie Minor as “Caiaphas” and Gary Stewart as “Jesus.”

Gary portrayed the role of Jesus in last year’s play, and I must commend him on a job well done. You know, when we presented him with new acts, in addition to what he performed in the previous performances, just like Jesus, Gary never said a mumbling word about the new scenes. He just humbly said, “Yes, I’ll do it. God will work it out just like he did in the past years. I just have to continue to pray, fast and meditate.”

Henry Garner will play the role of the shifty and conniving disciple Judas Iscariot. It’s quite an experience taking such a great man with such a humble spirit, and reversing his whole character into the likes of Judas.

Others performing in the drama are Ernest Cade as John the Baptist, new actor Cordell Thornburg will play a high priest along with seasoned actor Edward Brinkley.

Satan is played by Edwin Green Sr., and he rears his ugly head many times throughout the play. I won’t say in what method, but I will say, pay close attention to your surroundings while sitting in your pews.

This drama of the first Easter, “Passion Of The Cross,” is one of the most heartfelt, emotional yet eye-opening experiences in drama stage plays that you will ever witness.

Again, we invite each of you at 6 p.m. Saturday and Easter Sunday to Pilgrim Baptist Church, 117 Wilson Road/Pilgrim Blvd., Natchez (next to Winn Pharmacy).

Come and witness Jesus’ birth, his cross bearing, his gruesome beatings, his cruel death, and his resurrection. Witness the man, who was denied three times in one night by Peter and betrayed with a kiss by Judas while being delivered into the hands of sinners.

Come and witness the man who was wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquity.

Come and witness the man that beared it all for you and me. For more info on this drama, contact Pilgrim B.C. at 601-442-5767 or 601-442-2271.

We pray to see you, your congregation, ministries and every living soul at this drama of the first Easter, “Passion Of The Cross.”

Until we meet, God bless you.

Vickie R. GREEN is writer/director of the Pilgrim B.C. Drama Ministry.