Inspector Dawes is highly qualified

Published 10:20 pm Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I read with great concern Katie Stallcup’s article “Inspector firing discussed,” (Wednesday, March 28).

I have recently built a house in the Natchez area and approached Building Inspector Paul Dawes privately for his assistance in this.

His knowledge of the building codes and his practical advice regarding their application was impressive. His positive, “can do” approach to problems encountered during construction made building the house a pleasure.

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I have an advantage as a newcomer in appraising the contribution made to Natchez by officials such as Mr. Dawes, often unnoticed by the indigenous population and tourists, but essential for both the safety and existing charm of the city.

The city should recognize the talents of Mr. Dawes and his team, an invaluable asset that could so easily be lost.

This is especially important while the city is undergoing such positive development, leading, one hopes, to prosperity for all.

John Taylor

Natchez resident