Welcome to Alcorn State, Dr. Ross

Published 7:59 am Thursday, April 5, 2007

Welcome to our community, Dr. George Ross.

Make yourself at home, find your place and get acquainted with your surroundings.

The state and Alcorn State University have chosen you as their leader, and we are happy to have you as a partner.

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But you have a big job ahead of you and a large community to serve.

Alcorn chose you, but we’ll all depend on you.

You see, your community is more than just the students and faculty on campus in Lorman.

Your community is even more than just Lorman and Natchez combined.

Your leadership will play a big part in the futures of Lorman, Natchez, Vidalia, Ferriday and several surrounding counties.

Alcorn is our four-year university. It trains our leaders and educates our children, but it will also lead us into the future.

As the new president of ASU, Dr. Ross, you’ll have to keep us all in mind.

Former President Clinton Bristow spoke often of partnering with Natchez and Adams County to recruit economic development.

He wanted to see housing options grow in Natchez, knowing the effects would be felt in Lorman, too.

He hoped the new Natchez-campus MBA building would help surrounding communities recruit more finance-based industries.

And he helped do the recruiting.

Bristow had specific plans, but more than anything he had vision and energy.

He knew that to this community the Alcorn State president is more than just a campus leader.

He’s a community leader.

We are confident you’ll feel the same way, Dr. Ross.