Bush smart enough to lead country

Published 8:48 am Friday, April 6, 2007

Who is behind this biased bashing editorial cartoon thing week after week? Now the old lie that “Bush is dumb” arises yet again.

It is known Clinton had a photographic memory and clever wit. It was also known that he was a gifted liar, serial adulterer and now a fine perjurer who surrendered his law license.

To the modern liberals (secular socialists) facts don’t count, character has no impact on politics, yada, yada. Give us all a break.

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The king of sleaze (Clinton) creeps out tens of millions who have some morality left after being hammered with the secular socialist culture for 30-plus years.

Ross Perot told a guy he fired for adultery, “if your wife can’t trust you, neither can I.”

Now we have his cowardly enabling wife with zero achievements telling us she should lead the nation. Go figure.

Bush is abused because he is not an arrogant sleaze. He actually means what he says instead of parsing his life away. He goes to church all years, not just as an election ploy. Did I mention Clinton went to church right after being with Monica on Sundays?

Yep, big smile and a Bible in his hand. Talk about morally dumb.

Carter was very smart book-wise, but the king of inflation was the worst leader in many years. So much for that theory. Get over it, stick to principles and issues, never get suckered into these distracting non-issues.

Bush has a graduate degree from an Ivy League school (better grades than Kerry, too), and was a jet pilot. Facts are facts. Repeating the radical secular socialist rants only tells readers more about the people behind them.

Doug Schexnayder

Vidalia resident