Road to Freedom highlights visit

Published 3:41 pm Sunday, April 8, 2007

I have just returned from an outstanding experience during your Spring Pilgrimage and would like to bring the choral presentation of the Holy Family Catholic Church to your attention.

Yes, the homes were lovely, the gardens all a-bloom and the participants knowledgeable and friendly.

But the gospel choir was truly welcoming, inspiring and the absolute highlight of my Natchez visit.

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Their presentation of A Southern Road to Freedom was a lesson in determination and faith, told with joy and a loving spirit for all those who wished to partake.

To a person, everyone in our group thought the choir was the best offering during the Pilgrimage.

I would hope that your paper would make every effort to promote this gospel presentation.

Natchez is a fortunate town indeed to have such a jewel in residence.

M. Custer Richards

Gulf Breeze, Fla., resident