The Dart: Murray enjoys down time with family when it comes

Published 4:05 pm Monday, April 9, 2007

Working out of town for several days a week doesn’t give Sidney “Boo” Murray IV much time to come home.

But when he is home, he is busy working on projects around his house.

“If I have time to do stuff, I like to work with my hands,” Murray said. “When I got in at 3:30, I did a little yard work, played with my dog and built some screen doors for my house.

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Friday evening Murray and his brother Raymond were putting the finishing touches on the doors at his home on Dogwood Street.

“I’m just trying to catch up on some work around the house so I don’t have to do it tomorrow,” he said.

A crane operator by trade, Murray works for several different companies around the country for most of the week.

“I have to work out of town because there is not a lot of work around here,” he said.

Working out of town so much doesn’t leave Murray with a lot of dating options either.

“It’s hard to find somebody who’ll put up with my work schedule,” he said.

Murray said he gets his busy body work ethic from his late grandfather, former Vidalia mayor Sidney Murray.

Because he was so young, Murray said he doesn’t remember much about his grandfather’s political career but does remember him working around his lake house on Lake St. John.

“He was always busy with his hands,” he said.

When not on the job or working around the house, Murray said he visits his 11-year-old daughter Sydney in Bastrop. But it’s hard to do with his schedule.

“It’s like I said, for the last eight months I’ve spent four or five days (a week) out of town,” he said. “I’d like to spend more time with her.”