Al Gore ‘attack’ has gone too far

Published 3:25 pm Sunday, April 15, 2007

I am sorry, but I can’t stand it. The Gore attack upon humanity has gone way too far, and now the Supreme Court has weighed in on his idiotic assumptions declaring that the government must eliminate carbon-dioxide and nitrogen gases.

When he was talking about carbon-monoxide and sulfur-dioxide in the past causing pollution in our atmosphere, there was reason to believe it because we could in fact see it in what we called smog.

Los Angeles was infected with smog and it spilled over into Arizona so you could not see across the Grand Canyon at times. The people of Hollywood took up the cause and supported Gore and the Democrats because they could see the effects of smog on their communities. I don’t blame them, they had good cause.

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Gov. Schwartznegger believes as well that smog is cause by automobiles and that their emissions are causing smog.

Smog from automobiles still exists. Carbon monoxide from gasoline engines has largely been eliminated by the platinum based mufflers that most cars have now.

Sulfur-dioxide from diesel engines as been cut drastically in recent years by engineering better diesel fuel. So the blame is now on carbon-dioxide and nitrogen emissions.

Carbon-dioxide is what we all exhale. Carbon-dioxide is what plants need to exist. Plants inhale carbon-dioxide and exhale oxygen.

So when we eliminate carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere which is what Gore and his associates want, we will eliminate the feedstock for the reproduction of oxygen.

If that happens, all life on earth will end. This is the idiotic cause of the Democrats and its principal spokesperson on global warming, Al Gore.

Nitrogen is if I recall, 74 percent of what air is made of. So if we are to eliminate nitrogen, we will eventually eliminate air itself. Does that stand to reason?

The global warming expert, Al Gore, says that by 2100 the oceans will have raised their levels by over 20 feet, and as a result most of Florida, New York City and New Orleans would be underwater.

This is nonsense. If all the ice caps melt in Antarctica and in the Arctic, the level of the waters around the globe would actually decline rather than increase, because when ice melts, the volume displaced by the melt is less, not more.

Over 800 scientists around the world have attested to the fact that global warming at this time is marginal if in fact there is any at all.

The facts are that the earth has warmed perhaps by 1.5 degrees centigrade over the past 150 years! There are many places on the earth where global cooling has occurred instead of global warming. Baffin Island has no longer any ice melt during the summers; Florida orange groves have receded from north to south every year because of colder weather.

The real global warming that occurred between 1000 and 1400 has been documented and analyzed by scientists and it has been determined that the period of actual global warming was caused by natural events.

The Sun was blamed. Today, the Sun is losing some of its strength and brightness. Yet its radiation is still strong and the earth is feeling its radiation again, and it could be causing some deviations in our temperatures, according to scientists.

But as the Sun loses its brightness, the Earth will become colder. Isn’t global warming what we want and need?

Now the Democrats have been yelling that we must do something to eliminate carbon-dioxide and nitrogen, and the Supreme Court is backing them.

So we must all realize that the end is near, that our politicians will ultimately put us all to death since nothing will grow on earth when they have eliminated the basic formula for regeneration of our air. Supporting global warming is the same as supporting genocide.

Andrew Peabody is a Natchez resident.