ACSO catches fugitive Friday

Published 12:13 pm Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Tennessee fugitive charged with robbing a store at gunpoint was arrested in Adams County Friday.

Shannon Boyd Sagely, 43, 145 Kurtley Lane, Michie, Tenn., allegedly held up a tobacco store in Counce, Tenn., in December. An Adams County Sheriff’s Office statement says Sagely took $1,000 from the cash register and was identified by the store’s surveillance cameras.

“We got information he was in Concordia Parish,” Adams County Sheriff Ronny Brown said Friday. “Then, we got a tip called in that said he was in the Sibley area.”

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Deputies Gerald Mooney, Wayne Rabb and Travis Patton found Sagely at a Springfield Road residence where he had reportedly been hired to work on the owner’s car, Brown said.

“When he saw the deputies, he just started to walk away,” Brown said. “They told him to stop. When they asked who he was, he said, ‘You know who I am,’ and that’s all he would say. He wouldn’t tell us how he got here or why he was here.”

Sagely was not armed and didn’t try to escape, Brown said. The Harden County, Tenn., sheriff’s office has been notified and will extradite him, Brown said.

“He’s going to sign the extradition papers, and they’re going to come get him this next week,” Brown said.

According to the National Crime Information Center, Sagely has a long list of felony charges in Tennessee and Florida that have been downgraded to misdemeanors, including simple burglary, grand theft and assault on a law enforcement officer, he said.

Brown said he was happy his department apprehended Sagely.

“He robbed a store at gunpoint, and he could have killed the clerk,” brown said. “He got a lot of money from the place.

“Anytime you’ve got a criminal and they’ve already pointed a gun at somebody, that’s someone good for law enforcement to get off the streets.”