County water association to add areas

Published 9:54 am Monday, April 23, 2007

The county’s two largest water providers try to make sure there’s water, water everywhere. And they try to do it without stepping on toes.

Both Adams County Water Association and Natchez Water Works are looking to expand their services, in a way.

Adams County Water Association serves much of the county. In most of the areas they serve, the association has a franchise, which means no one else can serve that area.

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However, some areas the association serves aren’t in their franchised area. That’s perfectly legal, but they’re looking to incorporate those areas into their franchise, ACWA General Manager Ken Herring said.

Since ACWA is a non-profit, they rely on loans, Herring said. The USDA won’t consider future loans without certifying those areas — like Sibley, Tate Road and Carmel Church Road — and incorporating them into the franchise, he said.

“So, we’re going to the (Mississippi) Public Service Commission and asking them to put those in our franchise,” Herring said.

The hearing to decide the issue should probably take place within the next two months, he said.

The process has nothing to do with making a profit, nor are they adding new territory, Herring said.

“They’re strictly areas we’re already serving,” he said.

It’s not expanding, per se, but more “cleaning up” the areas they serve, he said.

Likewise, Natchez Water Works is looking to add to their franchise.

The waterworks is looking at expanding service down U.S. 61 South, where new commercial and residential developments are planned.

Other areas waterworks already serves, like the county water association, aren’t in their franchise. They, too, are asking the public service commission to incorporate areas into their franchise.

But they’re not the same areas.

“We’re going ahead and officially put it on our grid,” NWW Superintendent David Gardner said. “There’s no turf war going on. It’s a way of cleaning up a history of expansion over 20 years.”