Cauthen: Recent visit to Hollywood good for area

Published 2:57 pm Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The recent trip of an Adams County supervisor to Hollywood was a success, he said.

Supervisor Samuel Cauthen gave a report on his recent trip to Hollywood, where he met with the producers of the Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy game shows.

The producers promised to relay information about the Adams County area to production managers at Sony in charge of both motion pictures and television, he said.

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Cauthen also spoke with almost 100 location managers about filming in Mississippi, he said.

“It was a good trip, and hopefully something will come up out of it,” he said.

In other business, the board voted to authorize the county administrator to utilize a work-experience program through the Mississippi Department of Employment for 18-21 year-olds wherever it is needed.

The Department of Employment will pay the salaries of individuals hired through the program, County Administrator Cathy Walker said.

The board voted to transfer $451.27 from the general fund to pay an outstanding cell phone bill.

The phones were initially paid for by a federal grant, but the county was obligated to pay a penalty for switching cellular providers, Walker said.

“The grant is only authorized to pay so much for the payment of cell phones,” Walker said.

The phones were used by county workers, and have since been deactivated, making this a one time debt, she said.

“We can leave it with a deficit cash balance, but we’ll be written up by the audit report,” she said.

4The board received a commendation from the U.S. Coast Guard for an outstanding job on levee and flood control maintenance at the Natchez-Adams Port.

4The board voted to consider pilings left over from a bridge that was replaced by culvert on Lower Woodville Road surplus for auction.

4 The board voted to allow a local forester to use an old parish right-of-way, provided he repair any damage he might incur.

4 Speed bumps for Wildlife Way were approved after a petition was presented by concerned citizens.

4 Bids for equipment purchases were read.