ASU nursing students to get third try

Published 8:53 am Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Alcorn State University School of Nursing students who failed an exit exam on first and second attempts will have one final time to take the test on May 9, a university spokesman said Tuesday.

Students must pass the exam in order to graduate on May 12, said Christopher Cason, director of university relations for ASU.

Students in both the associate degree and bachelor’s degree nursing programs took the Health Education Systems Inc. nationally standardized nursing test during the Spring 2007 term, with 70 of 91 failing the test on the initial try.

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Students who failed the first test had the opportunity to take the test a second time, either on April 19 or 30.

After the retakes, 41 of the 70 who retook the tests did not pass, Cason said.

Nursing School Dean Mary Hill said earlier that she and her staff would evaluate results of the two retake tests and make a decision about graduation.

“Dean Hill has indicated that she will offer an additional retake to all those students who failed,” Cason said.

“Those who pass will be able to graduate on May 12,” he said.

The HESI is an exit exam required by many nursing schools throughout the United States. At Alcorn, the test has been required since the Spring 2000 term.

Alcorn traditionally has reported high percentages of students passing both exit and board exams.

Cason said Hill also has advised students that those who fail the May 12 exam will be able to enroll in summer courses to give them further preparation for another attempt at the exam when it is offered again.

“Dean Hill has made sure they’ll be able to get what they need in the summer rather than have to wait until January to take the classes,” Cason said.

Hill has said in the past that the HESI test is a predictor of how well students will do on the National Council for Licensure Examination.