Watts wants rules for recreation

Published 8:51 am Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The crack of baseball bats means summer’s here, but a county supervisor and others want to make sure they keep swinging.

Watts said he hopes to meet with the Adams County Recreation Committee to pin down some rules and regulations.

“My recommendation is to give them a set of bylaws they can operate under, and that needs to come from the supervisors,” Watts said.

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To his knowledge the council currently doesn’t operate under any written bylaws, Watts said.

“For years, (Chairwoman) Dianne Kirby took the initiative and did what needed to be done,” Watts said.

Kirby recently retired after 26 years on the board, and with three newly appointed board members, it’s an opportunity to start fresh, Watts said.

Each supervisor appoints a representative from his district to the recreation committee. The committee asks the county for a certain amount of money each year for different county programs.

Last year, the supervisors appropriated $42,800 to recreation. That money was split among such activities as Dixie Youth Baseball, girls’ softball, playgrounds, ballparks and repairs.

The committee is in charge of appointing money to different county recreation opportunities with money provided by the county, Kirby said.

“If something needs fixing, we help with the equipment. We help with weed control, things like that,” Kirby said. “And we try to use money we put aside for big projects.”

Watts said he hoped to meet with the council soon. After that, he hoped the board of supervisors could craft a set of rules.

Longtime council member Willie Woods said he liked that idea.

“I would not write up bylaws — the supervisors should,” Woods said.

“We’ll meet with the supervisors and get things rolling.”

This is an especially appropriate time to address the subject, County Administrator Cathy Walker said.

“This is the time of year I think they spend most of the money, with baseball leagues and facilities starting up again,” Walker said.

Watts said he would also like to see the council come before the board of supervisors on a more regular basis.

Walker said the council has not come before the board in the recent past.

“They haven’t come before them to tell what they have spent money on as a yearly report,” Walker said.

Hopefully, rules and duties will soon be a little more set in stone, Watts said.

That way, bats can keep swinging all the way through the season and seasons to come.