Arts event sure to offer inspiration

Published 11:44 am Friday, May 11, 2007

Looking into a child’s eyes can be amazingly inspiring. First, children simply view the world with a sense of wonder that often gets lost after the arrival of “permanent teeth.”

Unlike the older eyes and minds, the child’s life has yet to be revealed; it all remains a mystery.

What kind of person will they wind up becoming?

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Will they do something to change the world?

What wonders will they create in the years ahead?

Glimpses of all of these questions can be seen in the artwork the tiny hands and ever-growing minds create.

Ask a child to describe a drawing and another world, undetected and quite possibly incomprehensible to adult eyes is likely to spring forth.

A few of those awe-inspiring moments are sure to occur during Saturday’s Arts in the Park event. The annual fundraiser has a singular, civic focus — beautifying Memorial Park.

And through the years, Arts in the Park events have helped raise much-needed funds. A couple of months ago, years and years of fundraising and hard work culminated in the installation of the refurbished iron fountain, long a centerpiece of the park.

Now, fundraising efforts are aimed at further park developments including lighting, benches and landscaping. The park is one of the most important pieces of public land in Natchez and the breeding ground to generations of youthful wonder and inspiration.

Spend a few minutes and attend the event, either on Friday night at the adults segment or all day on Saturday, for family fun.

We can’t think of a better way to enjoy the day, get inspired by the wonderful world of art and give back to the community, too.