Ferriday High sends 78 into future

Published 2:17 pm Friday, May 11, 2007

FERRIDAY — The 78 members of the Ferriday High School 2007 graduating class know they have a job to do.

The world is theirs to lead, and they are up to the challenge.

Salutatorian Dra’Carl Walker said whatever avenue the graduates take, they will be greeted with many opportunities.

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“We are the future of this country and this world,” he said. “These days are the foundation of our future.”

Valedictorian Shandrieka Scott agreed, challenging her classmates to learn from yesterday, learn from today and dream for tomorrow.

High school was a different experience for each student, she said.

“For some, high school was a great experience,” Scott said. “For others, it was perfectly miserable, and for most it was somewhere in between.

“Some have said that these were the best years of our life, but our best years are ahead, because now we have a chance to shape the shape the road ahead.”

Grades and test scores ultimately weren’t what was important about high school, Scott said.

“What matters is what we have learned about the world around us,” she said.

Entering the real world by graduating brings some privileges, but it is also complicated because of decisions graduates will have to make, Scott said.

“We are now the grown-ups we used to look up to,” she said.

The graduating class had 21 honors graduates.

Graduates were elated after the ceremonies.

“It’s the best experience of my life,” Courtnai Hill said. “It’s a sad ceremony, but you only get one chance, and we did it.”

Hill plans to attend Southern University and study radiology.

“School was a wonderful experience,” said Juan Smith, who plans to study pre-medicine at Southern University.

Sherika Evans, whose plans include studying psychology at Southern University, said she felt good about graduating.

“I’m excited about the future,” she said.

Thursday’s ceremonies marked the first time since 2001 — when the state mandated all graduating seniors pass the Graduate Exit Exam before graduation — every graduating senior at FHS was able to take part in the spring commencement ceremonies, principal Michelle Bethea said.

The GEE is a standardized assesment program to measure student proficiency in math, English and language arts, science and social studies.