Sidewalks make for happy feet

Published 10:52 am Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good things apparently do come to those who wait, even with the good things seem rather benign at first glance.

Drive through the historic parts of Natchez — OK, most of it is historic in some form or fashion, but let’s focus on downtown — and you’ll see a unique blend of new and old.

You’ll see the pairing of modern with Victorian, even antebellum.

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But what you see is a direct reflection of something we don’t consider, until it’s unstable or missing — the ground beneath our feet.

In the past several months work crews have been keeping the tenuous traffic on Canal Street stirred up a bit more than usual.

Canal Street’s meandering center turn lanes are always a bit tricky for the out-of-towners to navigate as the through lane veers left and right with the one-way streets that crisscross the road.

Lately, however, work crews and heavy machinery have complicated regular navigation a bit and periodically traffic must be limited to one-lane. The latter actually gives Natchez something it rarely has — a mini-traffic jam.

But as the work continues, something amazing has begun to emerge — rebuilt sidewalks. Pristine new sidewalks will soon beckon walkers and strollers alike.

The new concrete provides a stable platform from which to view the city’s charm and beauty from a great vantage point. Our thanks to the city’s leadership for getting the work done and providing the vision to rebuild some of the precious — if least appreciated — infrastructure beneath our feet.