Ferriday pool not ready for swimmers

Published 9:34 am Friday, May 25, 2007

The newly remodeled Ferriday pool may look inviting to youngsters who want to take a dip, but it’s not officially open.

The pool will remain closed until it passes inspection by the Health Department, Recreation District No. 1 Chairman Robert Lee III said.

“As far as District No. 1 is concerned, we would love to see a nice, safe pool with cool, clear water,” he said.

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“This is about health and safety.

The pool, built in 1955, was closed in 2005 by recreation district officials because of health concerns.

The Town of Ferriday made repairs to the pool, replacing the pumps and pumping system earlier this year.

The recreation district will assume operation of the pool when it passes inspection and is issued a permit from the health department, Lee said.

“It may look more beautified, but until the health department inspects and approves it, we don’t know that water isn’t a soup of pathogens,” he said.

Lots of people might want to use the pool now, but Lee said he doesn’t want to risk someone getting a bad eye infection or worse.

“It might not be popular, but it’s the right thing and the legal thing,” he said.

Lee said he has heard reports of children sneaking into the pool at night.

“It’s just a beacon for children who want to sneak out there at night and take a dip,” he said.

Recreation District No. 1 is asking the public to please stay out of the pool, he said.

When the pool’s permit is issued, the recreation district will advertise for life gaurds and swimming instructors and will announce the pool opening, Lee said.

“I’d go out there myself,” he said.