Wheels turn just right for community

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sometimes the wheels of our community turn in just the right order.

One wheel cranks the next, which cranks the next and before you know it, everyone is benefiting.

Nancy Hungerford of the Natchez Children’s Home calls it a win-win-win.

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She’s part of the middle win.

Britton & Koontz Bank had a building near the Children’s Home that the bank wasn’t using. The Children’s Home had goods to sell but no roof under which to put them. And the community was in need of low-priced goods they could easily access.

Enter the win-win-win.

For B&K a new partnership with the non-profit organization not only fulfilled a company mission to be active in the community, but it filled the bank’s obligation under the Community Reinvestment Act.

The result is a model more businesses could follow.

For-profits and nonprofits make good partners.

From providing workers for a Habitat for Humanity house to donating supplies and even buildings, nonprofits often need that helping hand.

After all, public or private, profit or not, the businesses and organizations are still part of the same community. And what’s good for one part of the community is good for all of it.

When all the wheels start turning, things will start moving.