The Dart: Sharing his talents

Published 10:32 pm Sunday, June 3, 2007

NATCHEZ — Giving back to the community is how Drew David will spend his summer.

Drew David, sophomore at the University of Mississippi, is spending his summer working with children at the Boys & Girls Club. David spent last week painting and repairing the Martin gym for the 200 kids that will be taking part in the summer program.

“We have been paining classrooms and getting the computer lab ready for tutoring sessions,” David said.

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Monday will be the first day children get to see the newly painted facilities. David’s mother, Joan is excited as well.

“I teach first grade, so a lot of my students will get to interact with Drew,” Joan said.

Drew plans on incorporating his love of music and theater into the program. He has played the piano for 11 years and the guitar for six. David also starred in several plays for Jefferson Street Youth and Natchez Little Theater.

“I know with all of Drew’s experience in theater, he will be able to really share his talent,” Joan said.

Drew shares her enthusiasm.

“There are a lot of events I am really excited about,” David said. “But the fine arts program that Jennifer Ogden is putting on will be one of my favorites.”

David is also playing piano for Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church.

“I was fortunate to get an offer to play piano at Pine Ridge every Sunday,” David said.

David hopes his effort to help the community pays off.

“The Boys and Girls Club has been doing great things,” David said. “I know we are all going to enjoy ourselves.”