Courts must end animal cruelty

Published 9:02 am Friday, June 15, 2007

Some things don’t deserve second chances.

But every once in awhile the order of the world fails and wrongdoing gets a reprise.

When Debbie Palmer — convicted last fall of animal cruelty — was arrested again this week for similar charges it seemed the system had failed.

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Palmer is still innocent until proven guilty on the second set of charges. However, if the claims are proven true her case is nothing short of appalling.

Domestic animals are no match for humans. We are the dominant species that can quickly render creatures helpless.

Nothing is lower than hurting the helpless.

Those who first neglect, abuse and harm animals may be more likely to later do the same to humans.

Law enforcement and judges need to end the cycle before it starts. Fines and probation aren’t enough to stop animal cruelty; they only stall it.

Those who hurt the helpless should face jail time.

Palmer was sentenced in May for two counts of animal cruelty, three counts of improper disposal of animal carcasses and a violation of the livestock sanitary board. Her eight-month prison term was suspended in exchange for two years of probation.

She was told to only own 10 horses at a time. That was 10 horses too many.

A conviction in the case proves that Palmer can’t be trusted with precious animals.

Now, a second arrest drives the point home further.

Our courts must put an end to the cruelty for the sake of the animals.