Thank you for memorable luncheon

Published 10:56 am Sunday, June 17, 2007

Who says a large crowd never assembles unless there is death or problems? Who has the idea that plate dinners must be priced at $5 and $6 to make a profit?

Saturday, June 9, 2007, the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Long proved this myth false as the yard became an area of fellowship, games, cooking, eating and chit-chatting about life, jobs, discipline and improving relationships in the community.

A simple event as the selling of catfish dinners for $3.50 made an enormous impact on the downtown area of Vidalia. It provided affordable lunch for senior citizens, children, inmates and the general public. This event was sponsored by the Union Baptist Church, Deer Park Road, Vidalia, La., whose pastor is the Rev. Carl Smith. The Rev. Smith and the entire ministerial staff always encourage us to share, give back, have faith and be doers of the word of God.

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The men prepared the fish and entertained the guests with the game of dominoes, where us the women did the side dishes and baked a variety of delicious cakes. Approximately 200 plates of the best crispy catfish fillet, green peas, potato salad, cake, bread and green salad were sold.

Dinners sold for $3.50 made a great impact on the community and enabled citizens to relax by offering them affordable prices on an incredible, edible meal.

The congregation of the Union Baptist Church, Deer Park Road, Vidalia, thank the staff, members, friends and Alderman Triand McCoy for making this luncheon very memorable.

Margaret Mays

Vidalia resident