NAACP actions do not help children

Published 9:41 am Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am so outraged at the NAACP instead of them marching to try and make it where these children don’t have to take the LEAP test why don’t the ones marching go to the school and be a tutor. Don’t you think that would help more?

Instead of trying to make it easier for the kids why not try and make the kids learn? Or should I say help them learn? What are they thinking? If you read that article it’s almost like they are saying the kids in Concordia Parish aren’t capable of passing this test. How dare them insinuate that. Once again why not help these children lift up instead of trying to make it where the kids don’t have to take these test? Let’s say they get it to where they don’t have to take the test when it gets time for college then what?

The NAACP should tutor or pay for tutors for these children, not push them through.

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Mary Renard

Natchez resident