Abuse comes in variety of hurtful forms

Published 2:09 am Sunday, June 24, 2007

Domestic violence or violence between couples is generally understood to include physical violence, slapping, hitting, kicking, burning, punching, choking, shoving, beating, throwing things, locking out, restraining and other acts designed to injure, hurt, endanger or cause physical pain.

Emotional abuse consists of doing or saying something to shame someone, insulting, ridiculing, embarrassing, demeaning, belittling or mentally hurting another person. This may include calling a person names or telling them the person can’t do anything right. Emotional abuse can also involve withholding money, affection, attention or forbidding someone to work, handle money or see family and friends.

Forcing someone to do something he or she does not want to do can be abuse, and so can threatening to take away things they love.

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Refusing to help someone who is sick or hurt, ridiculing valued beliefs or insulting family can also be forms of emotional abuse.

Sexual abuse means forcing someone to have sex when he or she does not want to or forcing other sexual acts. This form of abuse may also include forcing a woman into reproductive decisions that are contrary to her wishes.

Domestic violence is any act that causes the victim to do something she does not want to do, prevents her from doing something she does want to do, or causes her to be afraid. In many relationships different forms of abuse are combined.

If you are in any type of abusive relationship, contact someone outside of the relationship immediately for help.

Carolene Britt is a counselor with Southwest Mississippi Mental Health Complex. She can be reached at 601-446-6635.