Inherent beauty of roses will add to beauty of life

Published 1:42 am Sunday, June 24, 2007

Roses bring smiles to lips, sparkles to eyes and delight to hearts. No matter how stressful my day is, I always feel better when I visit my roses. Yes, I stop and smell the roses—and caress a lovely bloom, murmur words of praise to a graceful bush and in general, experience the beauty of life. If you want to bring a smile to someone, present the person with a rose. Man or woman, young or old, each will respond with a smile of delight.

I like to experience my roses indoors as well, and gather blossoms for bouquets. I also like to cut an especially plump and pretty rose flower and float it in a crystal bowl on my dining room table.

There are other ways to enjoy your roses. You can gather freshly opened flowers, carefully remove the petals and serve them as a garnish on tea sandwiches. Be sure you haven’t used any chemical or toxic sprays if you intend to consume them. Or you may prefer to scatter rose petals on plates as aesthetic garnishes. You can also add a rosy hint of mystery to sugar if you add clean, dry petals to a covered sugar bowl and let the oil permeate the sugar.

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Try a rose soak for a luxurious experience. When I indulge occasionally in spa treatments, I love soaking in baths infused with rose petals. You can do the same at your own home. Cut fragrant rose flowers when they are fully opened, carefully separate the petals, then add them to hot bath water. The secret is to add the petals to hot water one-half hour before you want to soak. This time frame allows the rose oils to permeate the bath water, which should be cool enough for a pleasant soak. Light a rose-scented candle and enjoy a serenely, rosy retreat.

A good plan for a garden includes a bench or chair where you can sit, immersed in your roses. Don’t fuss over chores left undone. Relax, watch the buds unfurl, see the leaves shimmer in the breeze, enjoy the graceful ballet of bees gathering pollen. If you take this time, the beauty inherent in roses will touch and transform your heart, even if only for a little while.

Karen Dardick writes a monthly column about roses. She can be reached by e-mail at