Natchez needs jobs for young professionals

Published 2:12 am Sunday, June 24, 2007

Natchez must provide competitive and quality jobs for younger people.

If Natchez is to survive we must create opportunities for careers in Natchez. Each young person who returns benefits Natchez as a whole. I have multiple friends who want to move here but have no chance at a career, primarily because the jobs don’t exist. However they can get career jobs in places like Jackson and Hattiesburg.

Natchez must find a niche to set itself apart from the surrounding area and appeal to young professionals or continue to lose ground to surrounding cities. Every new business venture makes Natchez a little more attractive to younger people.

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So whether you want to start an L.L.C. or new business there are plenty of young professionals who will jump at the chance to move to Natchez, in my opinion they just need to chance to make a career of it.

David Gammill

Natchez resident