Senior citizen the victim of money scam

Published 12:37 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

NATCHEZ — A local senior citizen was tricked out of $2,300 when she fell victim to a deceptive tale of fortune.

According to a Natchez Police Department report, the senior citizen, who prefers to remain anonymous, was approached by a well dressed woman who offered to split $160,000 with her.

But there was a catch. The scammer had some financial issues and needed money to clear them up before she could get the $160,000 in the bank. The victim agreed to help the suspect by giving her the $2,300 she needed so she could clear her debt and split the money with her.

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The victim reported the suspect first approached in a parking lot and ask for a ride because she was hot and tired. In the same communication between victim and suspect, the suspect informed the victim that she had found a case with money in it and that she would split it with the victim.

The suspect also told the victim she worked at the bank and proceeded to call her supposed boss on her cell phone.

Afterward, the victim went to the bank and withdrew $1,800 from her checking account and gave it to the suspect.

According to the police report the suspect got out of the car and waited for the victim to go through the drive through, allegedly so she wouldn’t be on camera.

After the stop at the bank, the victim proceeded to return to her dwelling where she again gave the suspect $500 and her social security number.

The victim and suspect left the house because the suspect was supposedly ready to get and split the money with the victim, however on their way to finalize the transaction the suspect asked to stop at Wal-Mart so she could use the rest room. The victim stopped to let her use the rest room, waited 10 minutes.

When 10 minutes had passed the victim went to look for the suspect. But by that time the suspect had already fled with the victim’s money and hadn’t been seen since.

Chief Mike Mullins said the best bet is to be very cautious of scams because in instances like the one reported the suspects come to town do their scam and leave town before anyone has a chance to catch them.