Palmer in jail again for animal abuse

Published 12:40 am Wednesday, July 4, 2007

VIDALIA — Vidalia resident Debbie Palmer once again found herself in the custody of the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office Monday.

This time, however, Palmer, 52, 930 Eagle Road, turned herself in at the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office in response to a warrant on animal cruelty charges issued last week, Public Information Officer for the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office Kathy Stevens said.

The warrant was signed by CPSO investivator Sheila McFarland after she investigated an animal cruelty complaint last week.

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The new complaint involved a malnourished horse that has since been moved from Palmer’s property to a location outside of the parish for care, McFarland said.

Palmer has been to court several times in the last year on animal cruelty charges and allegations stemming from them.

Palmer was out on a $35,000 bond stemming from a June 11 arrest for animal cruelty with similar allegations.

Palmer was convicted in November 2006 of two counts of animal cruelty, three counts of imprper disposal of animal carcasses and a violation of the livestock sanitary board.

Judge Leo Boothe placed Palmer on two years probation and limited the number of horses Palmer could own to 10 for the entirety of her probation.

Palmer is currently being detained on a $25,000 bond.