Elections are about issues, not yard signs

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 6, 2007

Believe it or not political elections are not about yard signs, handshaking and baby kissing.

Though all those things are integral parts of a campaign, the real meat of the matter is in the issues.

Taxes, jobs, education, government spending — these are the things that really matter, not who you know or who your family is.

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On Aug. 7 Adams County voters will select the members of the board of supervisors who will say yea or nay to the details that affect potential industries for the next four years. These men will be responsible for our county budget. And they’ll appoint men and women to the school board, the hospital board and the airport commission.

Voters will also select a sheriff — the highest-ranking law enforcement official in our county and the man charged with keeping residents safe.

Two justice court judges will make the calls that potentially take criminals off the street.

Adams County needs a circuit clerk who is trustworthy and honesty.

Issues are at stake in this year’s election.

And there’s only one way to find the right man or woman — listen to what they say.

Candidates need to tell voters what their plan is to address mediocre schools, increase jobs and balance the county budget. How can you, Joe-candidate, make things better?

When the candidates talk, voters owe it to them to listen. Our community’s future is on the ballot.