Billary — two for the price of one

Published 11:55 pm Tuesday, July 10, 2007

“Dropping any pretense she is seeking the presidency in her own right, Hillary and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, campaigned arm in arm together in a Fourth of July swing through the first caucus state. The New York senator “embraced the role of virtual incumbent … promising to restore conditions — in the economy and in the government — to the way they were during her husband’s administration,” the Washington Post’s Anne Kornblut reported last week”.

Let’s see, you get two arrogant socialist actors that are moral midgets instead of one. Thanks a yahoo. These two are proof that morals never matter if you are a liberal who can beat Republicans. The liberal media will change your diapers as needed or just fail to challenge anything you say or explore anything you do.

You can sell pardons (he did 456), take money from Red China, have sex with interns, trash the White House when you leave, lie about a tax cut, tax Social Security, do nothing in foreign policy, ignore for years a court order for the Rose Law firm billing records, say “I don’t recall” 98 times under oath, fire without cause the travel office staff, fire all 93 U.S. Attorneys, break all overseas travel (aka vacations with friends on your taxes) spending records, rent overnite stays in the White House, make incredible money on cattle futures, not know who hired Craig Livingstone, apologize to any country for the evil USA, kill dozens by burning a wacko religious community, audit a couple for yelling at them, put the lead counsel for the ACLU on the Supreme Court, put hundreds of very leftist federal judges in for life and send a young boy to Castro, all the while blameshifting like the cowards they have always been. Then pervert brags on his economy when Republicans and Newt Gingrich ran the Congress. Republicans also did welfare reform — the best thing in decades — after his two vetoes, despite the liberal media fear campaign for the status quo.

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Doug Schexnayder

Vidalia resident