Vitter apologizes for ‘sin’

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, July 11, 2007

VIDALIA — A sex scandal can leave a politician a marked man, and area residents wonder if Sen. David Vitter’s career in the Senate may be short-lived.

Vitter’s phone number showed up on a list of phone records released by the owner of Washington D.C. escort service Pamela Martin and Associates.

Monday, Vitter emailed a confession to the Associated Press claiming full responsibility for his actions and stating he had asked for and received forgiveness from his wife and God several years ago for a “serious sin.”

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Vidalia resident Linda Green said Vitter should continue in office if the scandal does not affect his performance.

God’s forgiveness played an important role in her opinion, Green said.

“God forgives us everything, and if he doesn’t hold it against us, maybe we shouldn’t hold this against (Vitter),” she said.

Vitter’s public apology said a lot about Vitter’s character, Green said.

“Integrity is what it’s all about,” she said. “Of course, there are consequences for our actions.”

One of those consequences may be how this scandal defines Vitter’s career, but some people may just think Vitter was behaving like other politicians, whether that behavior is acceptable or not, Vidalia resident Dave Johnson said.

“Time may heal or smooth over some things if he doesn’t have any other indescretions, but this won’t likely be forgotten in an area like Louisiana,” Johnson said.