Man cleared of murder back in court

Published 1:03 am Tuesday, July 24, 2007

NATCHEZ — A Natchez man acquitted of murder pleaded guilty to intimidating a witness Monday.

An Adams County jury found Larry Jackson Jr., 35, not guilty of the 2005 murder of Marshall “Mark” Brown, found dead in his RV, in March.

Officials charged Jackson with intimidating one of the witnesses that testified against him.

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As he passed her cell, Jackson allegedly yelled at his ex-girlfriend Betty Lou “Lulu” Laird.

“Lulu, girl, why (did) you say all that stuff? I will get your ass, bitch,’” Assistant District Attorney David Hall said, reading from a written statement from Laird.

Jackson admitted he threatened Laird.

“I asked, ‘Why you going to take the stand and lie on me?’” Jackson told the judge. “That’s exactly what I said, I swear to God.”

Judge Forrest “Al” Johnson sentenced Jackson to serve four years probation and to pay all court costs.

The prosecution dropped a second charge of intimidation in a plea bargain.

Jackson was released Monday afternoon and was ordered to appear in Baton Rouge on charges of probation violation, Adams County Jail Administrator Maj. Charles Harrigill said.

Jackson’s mother, Patsy Jackson, was originally also charged with intimidating a witness, but that charge will probably be dropped, District Attorney Ronnie Harper said.

“After careful review of all the facts, we decided it was the best course,” Harper said.

Patsy Jackson was charged at the same time as her son as an accessory to murder. Those charges were recently dropped, Harper said.

“In light of (Larry’s) trial, we thought it would be pretty difficult for a jury to find her as an accessory,” he said.