Don’t pass up candidate Mike Lazarus

Published 11:40 pm Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Please allow me to tell you about your candidate for Supervisor District No. 1, Mike Lazarus. You see I’ve know him all his life.

I have seen him grow and mature into a wonderful father, giving them his devotion, time, guidance and always love, but wait that is not all, he has given the same to so many young boys, taking time to coach, console, encourage and most of all a sense of “you can do it” just don’t ever give up. I have seen that same “can do” in his own life when he faced difficulties and pitfalls.

He is a devoted husband, who gives his wife not only his love but his respect. She is his partner in life and in business.

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Mike has lived in Natchez his entire life and has never had a desire to leave it, not does he want his sons to have to leave it to find a future for themselves.

As a son he has always been loving, respectful.

There is a passion in his heart and a determination in his soul to help make Adams County the BEST IT CAN BE.

Please give him a chance to share his vision for a better Adams County for each of us. Do not pass up the best candidate for Adams County Supervisor District No. 1.

You see I know this because I am his mom and I see into his heart.

Anne Lazarus

Natchez resident