Bailey, Woods are the best choices

Published 12:30 am Tuesday, July 31, 2007

As a citizen here in Natchez, Miss., I would like to state my expression upon why I’m supporting two candidates that I feel will be best for the office positions they’re campaigning for.

People, we need a justice court judge that’s going to focus on the courtroom cases, and getting justice served toward criminals that commit crime in our city. We need a justice court judge that’s going to stand by the law with the constitution of law, regardless of criminal’s name, family name, or even business here in Natchez. We need a judge that’s willing to punish criminals when they commit a crime or form negative action among others.

We need a judge that will leave all their personal feelings and thoughts about a defendant or plaintiff outside the courtroom and be a firm and honest judge. We need a judge that’s going to take time and listen and study their cases before making a decision that could effect someone for life.

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Finally, we need a judge that’s not looking for glamour, a reputation, because they did someone a big favor by covering up for them even though it was a negative response against the law.

Ms. Audrey Bailey fits that description and the type of judge we need at the Adams County Justice Court. A lady that will not show favoritism toward people regardless of who’s on her courtroom stand. The type of judge that’s needed at the Adams County Justice Court.

Remember, no one is above the law. Also, everyone has to follow the law in the U.S.

The reason that I’m supporting Mr. Charles Woods during this election is mainly because Mr. Woods is the most experienced Law Enforcement candidate. He has participated in law for 30 years. Because thre is crime commited daily in the country, we need a man with experience to deal with it. Mr. Woods has believed and proven that he’s a man in fighting crimes, especially when Mr. Woods coordinated Crimestoppers here in Natchez. He also started the Neighborhood Watch group along with an academy for citizens to learn about protection.

Mr. Woods is also a certified man in crime prevention and public relations.

Mr. Woods attended colleges to learn how to protect. Mr. Woods is the kind of man we need in the sheriff’s office.

Everyone needs to know this fact. By Mr. Charles Woods being so involved in several law enforcement activities, he barely has time to share with others. Mr. Woods has to stay focused on several operatives to protect and support the public safety in our city. Charles is a businessman that believes in providing justice and protection for our city. He’s not trying to gain a reputation for being a very nice and talkable man in Natchez that will let you and others get away with your crime.

Angela Thomas

Natchez resident